Gugan was my favorite event of the evening, though, for a change, I wished their set was half as long as it was.They built up to an amazing frantic buzz, and then instead of stopping and allowing some release for my brain, meandered for another fifteen minutes.

The AM radio shortwave-like sounds squealed almost indistinguishable from the splurting saxophone. They emitted from the antenna-like device which seemed to have some ancestry in a theremin, in manipulation more than sound.

K.K. Null played extremely fast and sporadic drumns in a way that even Gino Robair might appreciate.


K.K. Null solo, creating a landscape of unpredictable mildy noisy sound bits, drones, meanderings... Sounded a bit like what I've heard of his Exstacy of Zero G Sex CD, recommended to me by Jet Vel of Empty Orchestra.



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