InterviewWithHeavyRockBand(w/ Audio Clip)

See Minagawa's NegaZine for more up to date Japan underground photos and information. Click here for more recent USA Shows.

1999-10-13 Bob Log III, Gasoline and The Screws at Big Cat in Osaka

1999-09-02 Inu-Yaroh, Sunsa, Melodioni, David at Bears in Osaka

1999-08-28 Mummy the Peepshow at Fandango

1999-08-27 Ruins, Motor Humming at Taku Taku in Kyoto

1999-08-23 Henricoots, Tasuke, Noise Wakame at Bears

1999-08-21 Grind Orchestra records at Fandango

1999-08-05 Bathtub Shitter, Coa, Deathtouch, Sicking Mother Fucking Kodoku at Bears

1999-07-11 100 Light Years, Nagoya. Yuko Nexus 6 asked me to take some photos to accompany her article in ASCII online magazine. (The article is in Japanese.)

1999-07-03 King Brothers, Mummy the Peepshow, Razor's Edge, Genbaku Onanies at Fandango in Osaka

1999-06-17 Depth, Fugue, Creep, Automatic Orange at Bears

1999-05-29 Depth, Full Blast Skunk, Drowned Mind, Thrashers at the Guild at Osaka Umeda

1999-05-20 Corrupted at the Back Door in Osaka

1999-05-20 Motor Humming and SUS at Fandango

1999-05-19 Dystopia, Corrupted, Framtid, Chaos of Brutality, Fandango in Osaka.

1999-05-08 Personal Music Party 13, ACT Center, Hikone

1999-05-05 Depth, Coa, U, Volume Dealers at Fandango in Osaka

1999-05-01 Kansai Avante Garde Orchestra at ArcDeux in Kyoto

1999-04-17 Phew and Grind Orchestra at Bears in Osaka

1999-04-16 HOAHIO at the Big Apple in Kobe

1999-04-14 Keiji Haino at Fandango in Osaka

1999-03-27 Omoide Hatoba, EAD, Chikopido, Sincho 2 Metre at Fandango. (Japan Overseas Bears Are Not Real CD release event.)

1999-03-22 Personal Music Party at Xebec

1999-03-21 K.K. Null, Gugan, Subari, Nishi Nihon at Bears

1999-03-18 Yuko Nexus 6, DJ Kerog and more, as well as a Magician and Video Game Performer at ACT Center in Hikone

1999-03-11 ? at Kyoto University

1999-03-11 I saw Empty Orchestra put on a great quirky noisy experimental show at Bears, but I forgot my camera. Maybe I'll draw you a picture. You can see Jet of Empty Orchestra perform solo in my photos of the Personal Music Party 13. Quagero Imazawa also put on an intense show this evening at Bears with his six string bass and effects pedals.

1999-03-10 Carl Stone at Xebec Hall, Kobe

1999-03-08 Thrones, Bucket T at Bears

1999-02-22 Corrupted, Defuse, 324, World at Bears

1999-02-14 Melt Banana, Himitsu King, Delusion Valley, Music Start Against Young Assault at Fandango

1999-01-29 SMASH YOUR CHAINS show: Grind Orchestra, Warhead, Nightmare, Osamu at Fandango

1999-01-23 World, Real Reggae, Food at Bears

1999-01-17 King Brothers, Fire Starter, Cannonball at Fandango.

1998-12-29 5678's at Fandango.

1998-12-27 Corrupted, Spasmom, Fuck on The Beach at Fandango.

1998-12-26 "Opera" at the NeoMuseum in Yoshino

1998-12-23 FUCK IN PINKY GIRL'S SHOW VOL.3 at the Sun Hall. 6 bands, all women, including Soap-jo Henshi, Love or Die, Astro Babys, Mach 21, Pram Bath, Own Company Orchestra and No Cherry.

1998-12-6 Grindcore and noise at Bears with Bathtub Shitter, Nikku Dorei, D.I.E.

No Photos, Just Text: 98-12-03 Voodoo Shock Rock at Fandango: Pitchers, Melt-Banana, COA & Nana

No Photos, Just Text: 98-10-28 Noise at Bears in Osaka with Masonna, The Sons of God, Third Organ

Directions thanks to Matt Exile, Mason Jones, Yuko Nexus 6, Minagawa of Nega-zine. I found out about most of these shows from Matt Exile's column in Kansai Time Out. Matt Exile also puts out a great zine called Exile Osaka. I highly recommend you immediately go purchase a copy from See Hear, Giant Robot, or Atomic Books.

Minagawa's map to the Back Door in Osaka's Amerimura.

Directions to Bears - Get to the Nankai Namba station. At the southwest corner of the station, go to the right of where there is a McDonalds. Here's a photo of that corner, you want to go down to the street to the left of Sun Sun. Go down that street, past a pachinko parlor and a ways further. When you get to another larger cross street, take a right, go past a parking garage, and go down the stairs on the right into small basement that is Bears. Be warned... you want the Nankai Namba station, not to be confused with the JR OCAT Namba station nor the Kintetsu Namba station, nor the various other subway stations at Namba which also is sometimes called Nanba. Also, after you pass the Sun Sun pachinko parlor, you'll cross a number of small streets before you come to the larger street that Bears is on. The larger one is the first one that you can go left on as well as right.

Directions to Sun Hall - Find Tower Records in Amerimura, go to the left corner of the block that houses tower: Sun Bowl building, basement floor 2.

Fandango - Go out the west exit of the Hankyu Juso station. Walk a little bit to the road. There you should see across the road a neon sign that says Sakaemachi to the left of the neon sign for Friendly Street. You want to cross the main street and enter the Sakaemachi area. Just two blocks (one glitzy, one less so) beyond the Sakaemachi neon sign, take a left on the street where there's a traffic street sign on a post that says 30. Fandango's on the right a little further on, its scruffyness is a contrast to the buildings nearby.

Xebec Hall, Kobe - Well, I don't know how long it's going to be around, as supposedly the sponsors are going to shut down the events that take place there. You can find more info here. Anyway, to get there from Osaka, if time is more imporant than money, take the fastest express JR train to Kobe (on track 3 on weekdays at the Osaka JR station). Get off at Sannomiya station after about 25 minutes. Go to where the busses are in the station, and then take the Port Liner train 15 minutes or so to Naka Futo station. Walk to the right, and you should see the building TOA. Xebec is behind the TOA building.

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