I enjoyed Subari quite a bit, though before I even knew that it was Subari I was seeing: a mix of Coa and Suhara Keizo, I found myself wondering what just the bassist, or the bassist and the drummer would sound like by themselves. The duo was in fact Coa, and I can guess why people say it's worth seeing them in their undiluted form.

The bass grinded like a motorcycle tearing down the road. The basist's vocals were abrasive and grind-core style compared with the smoother melodic vocals Suhara Keizo put out.

I think it was Coa that I saw with Nana at my first Melt-Banana show. I think Nana's (not to be confused with any member of Melt-Banana) personality overpowered Coa at the time, and I wasn't able to appreciate them.


Nishi Nihon put out some retro rock and roll. The bassist supposedly is a well known improviser, and the guitarist is in other bands as well. Here though, they were pretty straight ahead 60's style Hendrix emulators.

Nishi Nihon [West Japan]


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