99-02-22 Bears Osaka

CORRUPTED started this show. I take back everything I said about Corrupted at their 1998-12-27 show. The performance Corrupted gave at Bears for this 2-22 show blew me away. The room was dark when the guitarist, bassist and singer arrived on stage. The singer slowly started to strum an acoustic guitar, quitely, regularly. Over a period of about 15 minutes the electric guitars worked their way into the soundscape, and the drummer appeared. A gradual frog in boiling water increase to hard thrashing intensity complete with growling vocals. One song, 45 minutes. Paso Inferior perhaps? This time, I was too busy watching the show to take good pictures, so this one is all I have. (Better Corrupted photos here.)


I saw a flyer saying that the fourth band at this show was called DEFUSE, so I'm assuming that's who this was. Thrashing hardcore, all women.

324 had wonderfully powerful death metal style drums, and a steamroller vocalist roaring out the lyrics. DJ Rijk who does the show "Saatekin Saklaakuaretettua Paskaa" at KDVS described the 324 7" put out by Max from Spazz as in the 97 percentile of intensity.

WORLD went on last. Dramatically different than Corrupted who played one song over 45 minutes, World played about 12 songs in 8 minutes. I captured this on video. Here's the entire show as a QuickTime movie. Despite the fact that I compressed it a whole lot, it is still 18 megabytes. So if you're at work with a very fast net connection you can download it to view it, if you're at home and if you have a QuickTime browser plug-in, you may be able to view parts of the video as it slowly loads. It takes maybe 45 minutes to completely download over a clean 56K ISDN connection. So if you don't have a fast connection, you may not want to bother and instead look at the World Photos from the 1999-01-23 show.

Sorry, I have been asked to take down the quicktime video of World. It is no longer available. 10/28/2005


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