Spasmom were intense tight hardcore with lots of variation. The singer was very serious, but I liked their music enough to get myself a CD. Check them out. Some melodic catchy parts to their show, some some samples here and there. The singer sometimes sang into two at the same time microphones, one of which I presumed was supposed to be adding a layer of effects. Unfortunately I never heard anything coming out of that mic, and the samples were only barely audible live


Fuck On The Beach were three pretty young guys putting out some loud generic thrashing metal. That singer really can open his mouth wide to do all that screaming!


Corrupted came on last. Corrupted used to be my favorite band from Japan, but now that I've seen this show, I think I'll switch over to Melt-Banana. Well, I guess I still like Corrupted's CD output better, but seeing them live spoiled them for me. Their CDs are slow heavy guitar based soundscapes similar to Sleep or old Melvins. Their slowly growled vocals usually are in Spanish. At the show they did put out slow heavy grinding stuff, and some faster chugging stuff. For the first time I saw the crowd really physically get into a band here in Japan. They were rocking and nodding their heads, and head banging and running around and moshing whenever it was mildly appropriate. What made me sad about seeing Corrupted was their macho rock star attitude.

OK, Corrupted can have their attitude if they continue to put out music as awesome as the music they played 1999-02-22.


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