Personal Music Party 13, Hikone

Part 3 (I actually don't remember exactly at what point Part 3 started, so I might be off by a performance or two. Also, the order got shuffled a little bit at the very end, I hope I've put the chalk board names before the acts they correspond to.)

Reading accompanied by slow seductive dancing.

After playing guitar with white gloves, guitar is smashed against the cement building supports, and against the ground. After a loud scream, the guitarists smiles and says thank you very much.

Photography accompanied by pre-recorded music, first everyone is photographed, and then he photographs everyone with himself in the picture too, by holding the camera at arm's length.

Some serious noise becomes more subtle and and interesting as Jet of Empty Orchestra plays with feedback and electronics.

Digeridoo and drums.

A contorted self destructive performance that Masonna could surely respect. Impressive yelling into occasionally disconnected microphone..

Sean selects only the parts of the emails sent to the PMP list that he can understand - the katakana and hiragana, and requests that everyone speak or say the fragments of Japanese as they wish. It's a wonderful performance of gibberish.

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