Personal Music Party 13, Hikone

Part 2

A fun noisy visual spectacle.

Electronic noise, and noise with a beat. I particularly liked the stuff with a beat.

A vacuum cleaner is suffocated, and it's gasps through IWABUCHI Takuro hands are amplified.

Yup, electronic noise of some kind if my memory doesn't fail me. I liked it.

Superfast castanets and other hand clickers make up this zen exercise.

Ken Kohada makes big sounds with his helmet as he moves his head back and forward. He eventually accompanies the helment playing with a tiny guitar. Really fun.

Prerecorded pop music accompanies poetry reading.


Computer graphics respond to sounds from a played classicalish sounding CD, and then respond to sounds picked up by the computer's mic.

Recordings of Sean's voice say "left" and "right" while Sean says things like "handed" "wing" "away" "ly" "wards" "most" "field" "ist" to accompany. Eventually he decides to confuse the things that should be left with the things that should be "right"

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