COA (the word means something like "fear" in Japanese) put on the best show I've seen them play so far. Grooving bass and spastic drums, with the patented grindcore style growled vocals. Eddie on bass would talk in a very sweet quiet voice between songs. I wasn't close enough to Bill to get any good photos of her on drums this time. Better photos here perhaps. Coa occasionally team up with other musicans, for example with guitarist Suhara Keizo, they form Subari.

I purchased the Coa CD Your Chill Lobe to My Sound Sleep at the show after failing to find any Coa in Amerimura (at King Kong, Time Bomb, Nat Records, and that metal place on the 3rd floor below Nat). It is amazing! Easily one of my favorite CDs purchased in the last year. I think there are a few contributors in addition to Eddie and Bill. The CD is more psychedelic experimental and jazzy, with of course growling vocals and distorted bass thrown in here and there. Good stuff!



DEATHTOUCH came on next. The guitarist was plagued by technical difficulties and eventually borrowed the guitar from Bathtub Shitter. They had fine stage presence, and put out some painful grindy stuff.


On next was Sicking Mother Fucking Kodoku. On previously was Bathtub Shitter.

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