I don't remember exactly who was on stage when, the musicians and vocalists appeared and disappeared throughout the event for various quantities of collaboration. My favorite parts were when there were at least four musicians on stage, all bringing their own quirky parts to the soundscape.

Yuko Nexus6 provided quirky and rythmic, sometimes repetitive samples, and ambient sounds and noise, while also controlling the video images, repeating, fast forwarding. She'd sample sounds off the video as well.

The trumpeter Ezaki Masafumi played trombone as well, sang through his trumpet, tapped the back of the trumpet, used only the mouthpiece, and made a variety of non-trumpet-like sounds come out of his instrument.

The poet Izumi Tomoya spoke up into his microphone, and occasionally blurted out loudly things which everyone who could understand Japanese seemed to think were quite funny.

The sitting guitarist Unami Taku also controlled a variety of pedals and distortion boxes of some sort in front of him, and added a layer of noise when things weren't noisy enough already.

Also pictured:

Standing with guitar: DJ Kerog a.k.a. EV or Hosoma Hiromichi

Frantic bass player: Inada Makoto

On Trombone: Koike Toshihiro

With Drum: Hattori Reiji

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