I enjoyed the hard sounds of Creep when I arrived, but they finished their last song just as my camera started to focus. Bucket T was up next. They were hard and heavy, alrterntaely slow and frantic, not unlike Corrupted or Melvins.

Joe Preston who provided bass on the Lysol album with The Melvins was up next as The Thrones. It appeared as though a band member who was supposed to be there didn't show up, and Joe tossed his keyboard off stage and reconfigured things before starting to do his slow sludgy operatic distorted bass oriented stuff. He seemed pretty cranky. Drums, guitar and more bass were provided by the box on the floor over on the left. He covered a Black Sabbath song as well as the Residents Easter Woman song, in addition to doing numerous songs off of Alraune.

Unfortunately I had to leave before he joined others in the Mens Recovery Project. Minagawa who does Nega-zine said it was an amazing show with masks, crawling, keyboards, and loud guitars.


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