Well, I went to the clock tower at Kyoto University, hoping to catch the King Brothers play. I couldn't stay around waiting until they came on unfortunately, but I did see this crazy band. Anyone know their name?

The band put out repetitive pounding techno with some slightly abrasive electric guitar in the mix. The singer wailed like one of the Ween brother and pranced in the nude like he was Madonna. I've never seen anyone so confident to be nude in a public place before, what appeared to be faculty members in suits were walking past as he danced his way across the lot, up the pillar, an then contorted across the roof of the guard house there.

I think the deteriorating buildings at Kyoto University are pretty interesting, so here are some lurking down here at the bottom of this page.

Some of Kyoto's famous cherry blossoms make an appearance on the first one.

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