INU-YAROH I enjoyed the saxaphone sounding tube, the saxaphone that swallowed two microphones, the singing and saxing simultaneously. The 6 string bass player also provided some DJ turntable action, and the guitarist wearing the neon L.L. Bean bicycling shirt manned the noise electronics. The drummer spurted and stopped and started. Creative, intense, enjoyable. More Inu-Yaroh information, including audio to listen to here at Under The Sun Records.

SUNSA started the show. The 12 string guitarist sung vocals which sounded at first like buddhist monks chanting, and as the show progressed, evolved more into drawn out yells. The bassist put out some very funky repetitive distorted basslines. Slow heavy grooving sludge. I liked it! (There was a drummer too, but I didn't get a photo of him.)

MELODIONI sounded like what you'd expect with a name like that. Not really for me.

DAVID These two reminded me of the Pixes and the Beatles at various times. The guy on the left traded his guitar for a bass during parts of the show. Electronic provided drumming and other sounds. Poppy.

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