The RUINS put out some incredible music that knocked me off my feet. I've listened to their relatively recent album Vrresto plenty of times, I generally like it, but I'm not wild about it... The music was very similar to the album but there was no comparison between the experience of me sitting and listeing to the CD or me watching Yoshida Tatsuya and Sasaki Hisashi perform an incredible coherent interaction live. This show was riveting. It made me happy, it made me want more, like a delicious food that you can only get from these people. There are only two other bands that put my head in a sort of outside reality experience like Ruins did this night. The Fringe in Boston, and improv jazz band, and the Rova Saxaphone Quartet plus 4 (Figure 8) - eight layers of intertwining saxophone.

I urge everyone to see Ruins if they come to where you live. You won't be sorry.

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Motor Humming came on first before Ruins.

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