Grindcore @ Bears, Bathtub Shitter, Nikku Dorei, D.I.E, Congenital Haemorrhoids

Last night (98-12-06) I went to Bears again to see what was billed as a "grindcore" show. It turned out to be more grindcore/ noise. I enjoyed it.

The tiny room of Bears had a pretty good amount of people in it. I believe that it was "Congenital Haemorrhoids" who were up first. I had my camera with me this time, but I didn't get a chance to use it berfore the show was over. One young heavy longhaired goateed Japanese guy growling fearsome Grindcore Style(tm) vocals over the microphone was backed up by another guy on noise/pain feedback producing gadgetry. The singer threw himself into the crowd, knocked over monitor speakers, writhed on the floor, and eventually charged through the crowd and out the back door. The noise continued briefly and then it was over.

Up next was D.I.E. It's interesting to see kids who could pass for meek sweet high school students belt out deep grindcore style vocals. The guitarist had one of those triangle shaped guitars, and wore sunglasses in the club to look supercool. This conflicted a little bit with his desire to bang his head and thrash around; he kept having to push his sunglasses back up. He looked a little tougher than the singer, I bet he smokes cigarettes that he buys from vending machines when nobody is looking. Anyway, one guitarist with a very heavy distorted guitar one energetic drummer and and one vocalist put out some fine raw grinding sounds.

Following D.I.E. was my favorite band of the night, Bathtub Shitter. The singer of Bathtub Shitter with His Hero Is Gone shorts and a shirt with a pot leaf on it appeared even younger and cuter than than the singer from D.I.E. He took off his shoes, and danced around on stage lifting his thin legs high into the air. While prancing around he spat out some brutal low-growler grindcore vocals, and then did the high-pitched-screamer style vocals too. The guitar player hid herself behind the speakers over to the right of the stage, and looked at her guitar the whole time, her hair hiding her eyes. She churned out some mean chugga-chugga while no one was watching. The bassist rolled his sounds along in the background, and the drummer pounded at breakneck speed. Raw, intense and varied. Good stuff. I bought their tape.

The one gaijin in the audience besides me, who during a break had said,"It's really different here [in Osaka] than in Tokyo... But the noise is better here" appeared onstage in the last band, Nikku Dorei. He carted a folding table onto the stage packed with effects pedals and electronics, and electronically produced grindcore vocal type screetching and distortion, backing up the drummer and and singer of the band. The singer used the classic grind growl vocals as well, and hurled himself out into the audience where he ran into people and shouted into the mic. It seems like the drummer lost his drumstick, so he left the stage, followed by the disappearance of the singer out the back. The gaijin skinhead continued producing pain-inducing noise for a few more minutes, and then he too finished his performance.

(by Stefan, KZSU Program Guide, Winter 1999)




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