Japan 1997, 98, 99

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Live Music Osaka Area '98, '99 Kyoto - Temples and grounds '97
Aoi Matsuri Parade Kyoto '99 (no index, 5 pages) Osaka Castle '97
Nara - Todaiji '97 Osaka '97, '99
Kobe '99 (no index) Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Ikoma, Nara - Cars '97, '99
It turns 1999 in Kyoto (no index)

Tokyo, '98

Kyoto Convention Center '98 (no index) Misc Kansai, '98, '99(no index)
Bleak Tomio Apartment Buildings '99 (no index) Nara '99 (no index)

Kyoto, Obon Festival (Photos perhaps too dark to appreciate?) '97

Kyoto '97

Nagoya '97


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