Artwork from other places

Seth Tobocman

Here's a bit of artwork I really like by Seth Tobocman who published his stuff in World War 3 Illustrated magazines. That's where I scanned the first two images from.The third is a flyer that appeared posted on the streets of New York City shortly after the World Trade Center destruction of 9/11/01

Eric Drooker is another artist for WWWIII Ilustrated.

And of course, go out and buy World War 3 Illustrated.

Nagato Iwasaki

I was drawn to exhibit by Nagato Iwasaki by his driftwood scultptures, but ended up being very inspired by his sketches. Click on the image on the left for a larger version, on the one on the right for a detail of the same image. Click here for Nagato Iwasaki's web site.


Thanks to Nagato Iwasaki for permission to put this image on my site. The image is one of many that I like appearing in his book note, 1

Wendy MacLean

Wendy would prefer to hide her artwork in her private sketch book, but I managed to get permission to show these two dream inspired works here. Also, Wendy does oil painting.


Sue Coe

I saw a great exhibit of Sue Coe's art and prints called "The Tragedy of War." The first image is from her sketchbook. It's text reads "WE WILL BOMB THEM BACK TO THE STONE AGE." The next image is a print, and it's title is "The Forgotten."

Tracina Priest

I really like this encaustic painting called "Speak for me" done by my friend Tracina, who used to work at R&F Handmade Paints.

Stvnski Brewster

I've got one of Stvnski's paintings, Changing Color, on a wall in my house. I bought the painting from him at his Shelter Gallery in the Lower Haight (no longer there). I didn't even notice the dead police man in the picture until after I'd owned it for a while. I would have bought his painting Nobodys Smiling but it was too large for my San Francisco apartment.

Nobodys Smiling           Changing Color

Fen Bin

Teaches at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institue in China. I liked his work here inspired by his trips to Tibet. Thanks to Katherine for these two photos.

David Reagan

I spent a school year with David at RPI, before he had the sense to get out and go to RISD. Click here for a high resolution version of this image. Click on the small version below for a more compressed version of this image.


PDOOM has been doing amazing photo collage stuff for years. He now uses a computer to manipulate acquired images. Both types of work are show here.

Mellifluous Couture

I get all my stylish clothing hand made at Mellifluous Couture


Wild Apt was a painter before she started making films like the women surf short called The Source


Charles Burns

My friend John Harris got me into Charles Burns. I really like his current Black Hole comic book, though waiting a year for each issue is torture. This was a link to a Burns Fan Site, but it looks like it's disappeared.

Goon Squad - The Art of Charles Burns...Bowtie

Brad deCaussin

Brad is off to New Zealand to do computer 3D modelling for the upcoming Lord of the Rings movies.


When not busy with his other work, Claude paints big canvasses based on his politics.

Also: Here's some text Claude wrote on his personal experience at the 1999 action against the World Trade Organization in Seattle.


Here's one image from Barron Storey's Marat/Sade Journals graphic novel, put out by Tundra, and available at comicbook stores. Apparently Barron was Bill Sienkiewicz's art teacher at some point in time, along with a number of other well and less well known folks. Brad pointed me at Barron's stuff. This book from which this page was usurped is © 1993 Barron Storey.


Marek is my father.


Ingrid is my step mother. The work you see here is 100% artificial.


Tomas is my brother. [no link]


Anstiss is my mother.






My friend Kerwyn Brook recently went to Mexico near Chiapas. Here's what he wrote about his journey.


Playing on Ward Fleming's Exploratorium pinscreen on the right. That's me and Kath. Left two are Isbister doodles.


S.F. Wheatpasted propaganda: Willie Brown, after end of millennium elections diminishing his power over the city.


Rhett Redelings

His Immortaility Box has pointers to more artwork and some sad dreamy indie-rock music.

Bomb/ Michael Dean

Fine music and interesting graphics to be found at I really like this image from the Bomb T-Shirt I have.

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