Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living Through Chemistry

Mixed Media 52" X 34" 1992

"Better living through chemistry"

This is a Dow Chemical quote. Dow are the people who did agent orange, napalm and breast implants.

The cases are so obvious if you know about them, it's not like you have to argue with people, it's about getting the information out. This is after Berkman. Still using the same paper, making references via the airforce billboard. This is Fred Hampton. Noam Chomsky called him one of the most promising leaders of the Black Panther party. FBI insider gave him a sedative in his Kool Aid, and gave a floorplan to the police.

At night the police attacked his house, and Fred was too drugged to move from his bed to get to safety. The cops entered the house, all the bullets converged on his head. The FBI infiltrator got a $300 bonus.

He was charismatic and Dynamic as a speaker, he's always moved me. Elaine Brown said you could not not be moved by Fred Hampton. He emphasized survival programs as opposed to confrontations with the cops. He politicized different race street gangs, he worked on kids programs, and healthcare.

The happpy mythical program of Dow, with the reality of what can and did and will happen in the United States. A rebuttal to the myth that people don't get shot dead for the freedom of speach.