Pictures from 1999: Cargo Honda, big apes on building, sweatshirt reading "GOD CRY NATURALLY", Kitchy dinosaur above sweatshirt place - woman on billboard looks concerned, someone eating the tasty octopus ball snacks in the plaza of Amerimura - the trash can is overflowing with discarded octopus ball trays. More neon that Osaka is famous for. Some dark photos of the interior of the crazy Haagen Daaz shop. Finally the "seedy" Juso area of Osaka that you walk through to get to Fandango, which feels like a block of Las Vegas. (Hm, this Windows version of DeBabelizer does a much worse job of remapping colors on my tiny icons than the Mac version does.)

Pictures from 1997:World's largest Ferris Wheel, 336 feet or so. Tools from a shop on the street in downtown Osaka. Octopus above a restaurant. City at night. While waiting for the express to the airport. "IMP" building near Osaka castle. Darth Vader at a tourist shop near the aquarium and ferris wheel. Giant (3' high) deep sea crabs in the wonderful Osaka Aquarium.

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