GRIND ORCHESTRA was a whole lot of fun. All four pounded away on their drums at the beginning of the show. The singer Yoshikawa's antics were exuberant and out of control. He banged the cymbals on his ears, and sang through his hat, in addition to shaking maracas and beating on the nearest drums. According to the Exile Osaka zine, he quit the Boredoms to work on his own projects, including Grind Orchestra.

The theremin appears on the nice Jolly Throats EP CD, but I didn't see it appear during this show. It wasn't a problem, there was more than enough to see and listen to. Sound not unlike Crash Worship or Tribes of Neurot or other of those noisy all drum bands. These guys weren't afraid to break the rules and do anything they felt like, which was very refreshing.

After I took a photo of Yoshikawa drinking his after performance beer, he came over and seemed to want me to interview him. Unknown to me, he'd been expecting to be interviewed by Matt Exile, and/ or people from the Kansai Time Out Magazaine. My part of the discussion sadly went kind of like this: "I speak really bad Japanese, sorry." I'm afraid I don't know much of what he said to me, besides asking about Matt Exile's health, and saying to say hello to him.

Katherine had a longer broken Japanese conversation with him and may have succeed in explaining that the photos might end up on this web site.

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