Personal Music Party 13, Hikone

Loud melodic electronic tones, repeated with clearly some end in mind that HIRAO Yoshito understands.

Computer generated sounds, radio static? courtesy of Akie and guitar to go with.

DJ Kerog vocals and some rapid cello playing by INADA Makoto. The folks clicking the lights were amplified for a bit of this set.

Lyrics from CD booklet are read by KOBORI Natsuyo, not quite overpowered by Akie's electronic sounds.

Hilarious DJ parody, with silly upbeat oldies. In the second picture the guy on the left tries to sing along with "raindrops keep falling on my head..."

Yuko Nexus6 imitates the sound of the crosswalk stop and go, and encourages people to join in when the crosswalk is sounding outside. She mics the alarm of her clock as well, to end the piece I think. Above KOBORI Natsuyo stomps on a car that was owned by the pachinko folks who sold their venue allowing the creation of ACT Station. Keys are jingled, chair is banged on the floor, and everyone plays their instrument if they have one. I'll never think the same thing about a crosswalk noise again.

Please continue on to view Part 2 after intermission, and then Part 3 after the second intermission.


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