Briefly hanging out after the show with THE SCREWS. You actually get to see the Screws drummer here, formerly a Red Aunts guitarist. Red Aunts were one of my favorite bands. I didn't even know they'd broken up. Shows what being in Japan for a year will do for you. Saltbox is my favorite album I think, because it's so clean and crisp, but I like all of their other albums too. My only complaint with Saltbox is that it's too short, I wanted to keep listeing to it over and over. I wish the Red Aunts had stayed together to put out another album like that one.


Photos below this point on this page taken by Mr.Matt Exile.

Above: Mick Collins with King Joe

Above: Mick Collins with Guitarist from King Brothers.

Above: Mick Collins with Momo from the Go-Devils

Above: Mick Collins with Kou from Permanent Voltage

Above: Mick Collins with Momo from the Go-Devils

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