Since I saw Depth peform at Fandango in Osaka on May 5th, I've been a big fan. These three Osaka women played heavy grinding steamroller music, and growled and yelled their vocals. I wanted to put my earplugs in, but they were just too great, and I didn't want to miss out on any of the sound. Their brand of very heavy, and angst-filled guitar music is one of my favorites.

Here's what Matt Exile said about Depth in Kansai Time Out: "Several KTO readers had to pick their jaws off the floor after seeing an unbelievable show by Depth last month at Fandango. They started off with a Cocteau Twins-type song and then launched into some of the most ferocious music ever heard. It was like a convergence of Pantera, (early) Metallica, and Brutal Truth. These women know how to ROCK! (And ROCK is the keyword here.)"

Depth's guitarist and vocalist You Ko was kind enough to indulge me in a brief interview.

Q: How would you describe Depth's sound for someone who had never heard them before?

You Ko: We call our sound "Heavy-Rock"

Q:Where did the name of the band "Depth" come from?

You Ko: I like Johny Dep(a movie star). And I'was going to name our band Deps. But I found a switch of my compact efecter. That was "Depth".

Q: I know you're putting out a CD sometime soon. Does it have a name yet? What songs will be on it? What label will it be on?

You Ko: We haven't decided the name of the album yet. Maybe 8 songs. Escape, Scratch, Color Me Blue, Dance, Cage, Pool, Out, Hear the Sound. The label is Tag Rag. It'll be released in 2/14 of 2000.

Q: What year was Depth started?

You Ko: '96

Q: What are all the members of Depth's names, and what do you all do when you aren't playing music?

You Ko:
You(Gu) work for a jeans shop. House wife(no children)
Ryo(Ba) Office worker
Chia(Dr) Looking for a new job

Q: How did you meet the other members of Depth?

You Ko: My husband used to play with Chia in the band Algae Eater. And the band played with Ryo's band Plastic Guchu

Q: Have any of you been in other bands?

You Ko: I play with my husband in the Table Flange. Chia is in the Love Store.

Q: Are Table Flange and Love Store active bands right now? What kind of soun d do they both have?

You Ko: Table Flange are grunge band with female vocals. I play side guiters and backin' vocals.My hasband plays read guiters. Table Flange will play at club DAWN at 19th of October [1990] (all night event). Love Store are ethnic pop unit. Chia(vo.perc.) and a guitarist are in it. Love Store haven't any plans of live now.

Q: What is important about music to you, personally?

You Ko: Enjoy, Excitement, Originality

I want to many more people listen to under ground music as us.

Q: When you're not making your own music, what other music do you listen to? Japanese bands? Foreign bands? What bands influenced your sound? What bands do you like that have nothing to do with your sound?

You Ko: About me. Smashing Pumpkins, Stereo Lab, Bjork, Aphex Twin, Boom Boom Saterites, Wrench, Hanadensha(early), many more

Q: These sound like mostly bands that don't particularly influence your sound...

You Ko: You might have felt so,but I think my song writing is influenced of them. It's not directly. Their musics are mixed in me by my own interpretation. I feel "psychedelic" from all of them.

Q: How did Depth come up with the very heavy guitar sound, and yelled vocals ? Tell me more about what influenced your sound...

You Ko: We used to like different musics. I liked psychedelic, heavy-rock,etc. Ryo liked grunge,death-metal, etc. Chia liked ethnic, blues, psychedelic, etc We recomended our favorite music each other. And all of us got to like heavy-rock,hard-core,etc. We all like Helmet (foreign), Wrench, Rise from the Dead (Japanese).

I think my heavy guitar sound is only one of my way of expression. I wrote almost all of Depth's song. But Ryo's now trying to write some songs. How Depth become to? I don't know either. And I enjoy that. You all must check it up!

Q: Can you list your live performance dates?

You Ko: 9/11(sat)Fandango, 9/19(sun)Bears, 9/20(mon)Star Club, 9/21(tue)Pepper Land, 10/26(tue)Fandango, 10/29(fri)Bears [Dates all in 1999, see Depth home page for updated information.]

Q: What else is important to you besides music?

You Ko: friends, husband, fashion, movie...

Q: What are the names of a few you like?

You Ko: I like Tim Burton's film. I wanted him to direct "GODZILLA". I love "Scissor Hands". It's child-like, but I love it. Besides of these, I like Betty Blue, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Doverman, many more. My e-mail address "alabama" is associated with the name of the heroine of "True Romance".

Q: Can you tell a brief funny story about Depth?

You Ko: Ryo and Chia like to drinkin' so much! When we played in Club Citta, they've become to wild fellows. Ryo gave a lot of "Shoh-Chuu" to a guiterist of the United. He were drunk parfectly. He dived to audience and broke his rib.

From Depth's demo tape, listen to Pool (RealAudio)

Also from on the demo tape is the song Color Me Blue:

Color Me Blue

Deepest blue beyond the light.
The core what's wraped in poping buble.
Through the lights and dark over and over again.
It's the time to be released. Color me deep blue





Depth Photos:

1999-06-17 Depth at Bears

1999-05-29 Depth at the Guild

1999-05-05 Depth at Fandango


Depth's (Japanese Language) Home Page


(To listen to the Pool Real Audio clip you need to have the Real Audio Player. If clicking the link isn't working or you know you don't already have the Real Player, go to the Real Audio Site, and download the free player. They make it hard to find the free one on their site, but it's there if you keep looking.)

If you're interested in purchasing the 5 song demo tape, you can buy it for 300 yen at a show. Sorry, but Depth can't mail one to you.

Depth also appears with 2 songs on a compilation CD Ultra Coma. The version of In The Cage on the CD is great.

Send email to You Ko.


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