Stairs in woods behind our office.

Sanjo/Kawaramachi Dori shopping area of Kyoto.

Kyoto University, A Man and His Robot

Remodelling Our Workspace

Cooold Cement "Log" Bench

NTT Keihanna Building

Rest Area Behind NTT

A Rear View of Keihanna Building

Kyoto Station

BIG Scary Spider

Car w/ Somewhat Humorous Caption

View Out Back

You Can Get This Much Change In One Transaction In Japan!

The Notorious Egg Vending Machine

In-progress and finished police box or "Koban"

Some kind of new years decoration that looks like fire burning. See the following picture for what it looks like during the day.

Motorcycle Disposal

I forget if the Kansai area of Japan is part of the Kinki area of Japan, or the Kinki area of Japan is part of the Kansai area of Japan.

Cool streetlight, 1/4 moon, too much JPEG compression.

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