Chongqing view from the Holiday Inn Hotel, where plenty of wealthy foreigners stayed when visiting the region. (They had photos of them in a thin hard cover book next to the TV.)

Art work at the famous Sichuan Fine Arts Institue referencing the cultural revolution. The guy with the abacus is reposessing the guy's house or some such, because he has big debts.

Here a woman is dragged away from her child because either she must go work, or she must go to prison or some such thing. Dad holds on to grandma who holds the child.

Here's some more abstract stuff I liked there.

I think the above photo was the last one on my roll, so I wasn't able to take any more photos. But Katherine did. All my photos are scanned prints, which were then very JPEG compressed so it doesn't take forever for you to download them. But for expediency I took a digital photo of Katherine's prints to get the following three pictures (and the really bad one of the contortionist woman on the Wanxian page). A photo of a print of a photo and then plenty of JPEG compression is what you're seeing below. We'll try and scan these photos so you can see what they really look like, but for now, they should give you some idea. Katherine liked this artwork in the same gallery where the above statues and work was:

Here's Feng Bin, the wonderful guy who showed us around the Institute, and his own artwork. He takes his students to Tibet to inspire them, and these are his own inspired productions. The monks are the red figure-like smudges on the pages, his feelings (if I understood correctly) about how life is so short and how people are so busy. I really liked his work. He said there was no problem at all from the government for him to visit Tibet or to do work about Tibet. (Photos by Katherine)

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