Claude Moller

Bringing Good Things to Life, 1990

Reach New Heights, 1991

Self-Portrait (2 of 3), 1993

Law and Order, 2002

Collateral Damage, 1991

Better Living Through Chemistry, 1992

Leave Less Behind, 1994

Make The System Work For You, 2005

You're in Good Hands, 1991

Self-Portrait (1 of 3), 1993

Better Living Through Chemistry, 1998

The More You Know, The Better You Feel, 2005

Claude Moller is an activist and an artist, here's a chance to see some of his work, and read his words describing what it's all about. I'd recommend viewing the paintings in chronological order if you are going to read the descriptions. Once you are looking at an image page (hide all those Netscape buttons so you can see more of the image on a small monitor) you can click on the image itself to view a larger reproduction of each painting, and thus see more details. As you view the images keep in mind the large dimensions to give you an idea of perspective. The text on each page was summarized from an interview I did with Claude. - Stefan
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